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Show notifications using Snarl (patch attached)


Snarl is a notification system similar to e. g. Growl on the Mac. You can find it at
It provides a centralized system to show nice skinable and customizable notifications so the user can decide which notifications from which app he wants to see with which style, which display timeout or at all.
Find attached a patch which adds the following features to digitweet
  • registers within Snarl with an alert class called "New tweet"
  • uses Snarl to show notifications about new tweets
  • unregisters when digitweet is closed
  • (re)registers if Snarl is (re)started during digitweet execution time
  • uses default notifications by digitweet if Snarl is not running (as before Snarl support has been added)
    The attached patch has one issue as I don't know your code that well. I have hooked myself into TweetsManager_OperationCompleted but it looks like in this hook I get all tweets including those already read in prior digitweet session - how can I avoid to flood the user at startup so only real new tweets are shown...?

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